Extra Day anyone?

Leaping Woman

Yep- its a leap year so that apparently means …

Women Propose to Their Men: According to an old Irish legend, or possibly history, St Brigid struck a deal with St Patrick to allow women to propose to men – and not just the other way around – every four years.

12 Pairs of Gloves: In some places, leap day has been known as “Bachelors’ Day” for the same reason. A man was expected to pay a penalty, such as a gown or money, if he refused a marriage proposal from a woman on Leap Day. In many European countries, especially in the upper classes of society, tradition dictates that any man who refuses a woman’s proposal on February 29 has to buy her 12 pairs of gloves. The intention is that the woman can wear the gloves to hide the embarrassment of not having an engagement ring. During the middle ages there were laws governing this tradition.

Just what we always wanted eh? and in other news …

MATCHESFASHION is coming to Bristol!


Join them for all things tech with MATCHESFASHION as a number of their Engineers delve into the exciting world of fashion-meets-tech! Includes an Introduction to MATCHESFASHION by Dan Knight, CTO, Engagement team talks with their Tech Team Lead a Lightening talk on A/B Testing (Mobile) and another Lightening talk on Co-ordinator Design Pattern (Mobile). They are currently hiring check out their site here.

Workshop Wednesday **Intro To** is to SQL!

No previous knowledge required for this one, its open to all and you can sign up here


I’ll be presenting some slides on SQL, relational databases and how to use them to store information. Then there will be at least one database server to play with, so please bring a laptop and you can try a few things.
We’ll look at how we create a database, query a database and, if we have time, structure it to optimise for different tasks.

by James (& Ben)
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Half Term Gardening anyone?

Heavy Rain in Garden

We hope you’re all enjoying the break

If you need to get out of the house we are still running this week and have the Brilliant Candide Hosting the GGD this week

GGD #80 Data Fuelled Growth: Why and How to implement with your product Thursday the 20th


Data fuelled Growth
How can you use data to make fast, confident decisions? Pippa will discuss how to use data and experiments to grow your product and how data can align marketing campaigns, engineering and product.

About Pippa Churcher
Pippa is head of Growth at Bristol-based Candide, the app for plant-loving humans founded in 2018. She manages experiments to optimise acquisition and retention, but her career initially started by studying Anthropology at university. She then worked at the National Trust, connecting people with conservation through events and marketing, moving to another technology company before finding Candide, where she helps create a digital space for plant and nature lovers.

She also climbs a lot of mountains – the relevance of which will be divulged during her talk!

Happy Pluto Day! (not the cartoon dog)

There’s not a lot else on Monday the 18th so maybe check out some facts about the 9th planet (there’s even a festival in Arizona called I heart pluto). The celebration of the frosty ninth planet in cold and snowy Flagstaff, Arizona, where it was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh 90 years ago on February 18, 1930.

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