Tech3Shed is over- but we’re still standing

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BIG THANKS to everyone who came along to our Tech3Shed Careers Fair, we loved it and hope that everyone who came did too. The companies were amazing with their willingness to engage with the attendees and not only discuss their job openings but also offering careers advice in many cases. We thought you were wonderful and want to say a big thank you for taking the risk in a new venture and supporting it. The feedback we had from the attendees was really positive so let’s hope that this results in filling some of the job roles on show at the event. We will be doing a write up of the companies on the Careers website and the sponsoring companies will also have a years membership so expect to hear more from us about them in the coming weeks.

Also – not to be forgotten, Big thanks to the builders and staff at desklodge for getting the floor ready (they were laying carpet as we set up!) and to our volunteers who were brilliant for supporting us!

OpenData is spending the weekend Jamming!

Bristol Open Data Jam / Hackathon

Come along to our two-day data jam and help make a bit of magic for Bristol.

Join us for a weekend of constructive fun. Together we will develop projects that unite great ideas, awesome digital and creative skills with open data (powered by the Bristol Open Data Platform, Bristol API, …).

You’ll be helping Bristol create ways of developing our local creativity and culture, and a fair and inclusive economy. In exchange, we will provide technical support, interesting speakers, free food and drinks as well as the opportunity to a prize.

Open to techies and non-techies :).

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Tech3Shed is here!

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We’ll be announcing the workshops all week but let’s give you an overview of who’s coming and what we know so far!

Check out the main website for updates and further info Tech3Shed and Sign up on eventbrite

Logistics Logistics Logistics

It’s the 15th and 16th of Match 2019 – so thats this coming Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday daytime. We want to ensure that this is best ever careers fair you have EVER been to. Failing that we want to ensure that it’s engaging, welcoming and helpful so we have some volunteers who will be there to help as ‘buddies’ and ensure you get chance to engage and speak to the people that are of interest. Any persons wanting to come can sign up as a volunteer on our meetup page – any humans welcome to help!

We request no unsolicited social media – you are welcome to take selfies but please ask if you want someone else in the picture and if they say ‘no’ that’s it – a complete sentence, no reasoning needed and no badgering them! The same with there being no recruiters, this is a sponsored event by the companies in attendance and not an opportunity for recruiters so let us know if you spot any and we will kindly ask them to leave.

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Two weeks to go: Tech3Shed

Grrrl Games meetup

… and we have barely anytime for anything else

To be fair we did take a night off to go to the Massive attack gig as it would have seemed rude not to see them while they are back home!

We’re still working hard on our Tech Careers Fair Tech3Shed in Bristol in conjunction with the HBB and Desklodge House on the 15th and 16th March. Sign up on eventbrite – we’ll be leafletting this week too, so anyone wanting posters for their office mail us on and we’ll mail you one to print out or can drop in a printed copy locally. We have some volunteers from UWE coming to help us which is great news, but with so many of our wonderful members asking to help then we have also set up volunteering pages if you want to lend a hand. We are currently fixing the workshop schedule and will be announcing them as we get the full details.

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New partners and collaborations

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ADLIB & Women’s Tech Hub Partnership announced

We’re really pleased to announce that we have agreed on a partnership with ADLIB . While we are aware that this appears to be at odds with our ‘no recruiter’ Code of conduct, we are also aware that our main aim is to get women into the industry. Our partnership was based on the fact that we know that ADLIB has the best reputation in the area for great treatment towards candidates. They, in turn, are aware of the fact that collaboration with Women’s Tech Hub further emphasizes their belief in diversity and equality in the tech industry. The partnership is with our sister company Women’s Tech Jobs, which attends and gives careers support on our weekly meetings (and at any other time). We believe that with the support of a well-founded company like ADLIB we will improve on our current success without going against our core principles of putting our members first. They are looking for someone to work for them with us so if you are wanting a job as a Diversity and Inclusion Recruiter please apply here.

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Maiden Film

Change of Plans:

Bristol GGD is with now dining with Graphcore on the 27th.

Simpleweb‌ & WTHub hacknight on March 7th Simpleweb Challenge: Hack into Light! is currently postponed so we have something else to offer instead!

A screening of Maiden + Satellite Q&A with Tracy Edwards in celebration of International Women’s Day. It is being screened at the Little Theatre, Bath on Thursday 7 March at 18.00.

Synopsis:To celebrate International Women’s Day, join us for a Live Q&A with Tracy Edwards, the skipper of Maiden. The Q&A will be broadcast live across the UK and Ireland via satellite.

Maiden tells the inspirational story of how Tracy Edwards, a 24-year-old cook on charter boats, became the skipper of the first ever all-female crew to enter the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1989. 

Tracy’s dream met opposition on all sides: her male competitors thought an all-women crew would never make it; the chauvinistic yachting press took bets on her failure; potential sponsors rejected her, fearing they would die at sea and generate bad publicity. But Tracy refused to give up: she re-mortgaged her home and bought a second-hand boat, putting everything on the line to ensure the team made it to the start line. With the support of her remarkable crew, she went on to shock the sport and prove that women are the equal of men.”  


We’re working hard on our Tech Careers Fair Tech3Shed in Bristol in conjunction with the HBB and Desklodge House on the 15th and 16th March. Sign up on eventbrite – we’ll be starting to announce the workshop agenda and initiative in the coming weeks.

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