SG Digital: sponsoring Workshop Wednesday

SG Digital logo

For our Workshop Wednesday on the 11th of March, we are pleased to announce that we have a great sponsor with SG Digital. They are currently recruiting in Bristol and are taking the opportunity to reach out and engage with the community, which we fully applaud. If you are interested in coming along outside of any of the workshops then feel free to sign up and respond with SG Digital on our meetup page here. Also, check out their job availabilities here and if you want to have a chat with them then pop along and speak at the meeting – we will post the Bristol Jobs on our Jobsboard also so you can check them out there too.

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Opportunity: Data Consultant with KETL in Bristol

Local company KETL are looking for TWO “curious, hard-working people, with experience of data manipulation in their studies or work history” to work for them in Central Bristol and be trained as Data Consultants.

Salary is based on experience and is within the band of £23,000-£27,000

If that piques your interest then take a look at the job description ONLINE HERE  and the opportunities afforded working with KETL. They have a great track history of taking on people from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience – from Maths to Marketing, Palaentology and Games.

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