On Women’s Tech Hub: Ghazal Javed

Entering Women’s Tech Hub meeting place, not only will you find a vibrant, stylish and ‘trendy’ hip workspace in the form of Desklodge but equally smart, diverse, intelligent and ambitious tech women as well. Not knowing what to expect it was quite daunting at first to come to a place you have never been to but the moment I entered Desklodge, I could feel the welcome and openness of the place. Continue reading “On Women’s Tech Hub: Ghazal Javed”

Diversity in Tech ~ Childcare at the Conference

We want to make it as easy as possible for people to attend our first annual conference on Diversity in Tech.

  • We decided to have it on a Saturday rather than during the week, so that people working elsewhere could come and find out more about tech.
  • We kept the price as low as possible (lunch is included) and offer free tickets for people on benefits.
  • We are hosting at the Watershed, which is an accessible building, with accessible toilet and baby-changing area.

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An Introduction to Machine Learning & AI ~ free place on course

The growing demand for Data Scientists & Machine Learning Engineers in the UK and worldwide is not going to go away and this is definitely an interesting career area to explore. Women’s Tech Hub is about to run a course which is a great opportunity to learn more about Machine Learning, with six fortnightly sessions led by expert Chew-Yean Yam, starting in February.

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