Voxxed Days & Bath Digital Festival

This week we are really excited to have been invited to Voxxed Days.
It’s on the 25th October @ the watershed in Bristol with sessions on topics including Cloud, Big Data, AI, Robotics, Programming Languages, Java, Security, Architecture and Developer.  They have managed to get a 25% female speaker lineup this year which we love and also given us a 30% discount to all our members (which we love even more) so mail us and we can send you the code on info@wthub.org.

It’s not just us – it really is you too!

Women’s Tech Hub has been running for a couple of years now, and we’ve had lots of conversations with lots of people including freelancers, tech companies large and small, women who want to work in tech. We’ve spent a lot of time talking, supporting and thinking and now want to share just some of the conclusions we have come to at our Women’s Tech Hub Spring Social & Update. Continue reading “It’s not just us – it really is you too!”

Come and be ‘Unsocial’

Here’s a lovely guest post from regular Free3Friday attendee, Gözde, who recently started organising monthly ‘Unsocials’ as a way to keep us all in touch. These take place at the beginning of each month and we will alternate Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons (when families are welcome).
Our next Unsocial is Friday 9th Feb in the evening; partners, friends and colleagues welcome.
Continue reading “Come and be ‘Unsocial’”