Introducing Women in Conversation


There is a great new group in Bristol University called Women in Conversation.

We are very excited to announce our timetable for the Women In Conversation Conference 2019! Please watch this space for individual events, including speaker and topic announcements!

You can join up on Facebook

We have started announcing the companies coming along to our Careers fair and have members enquiring whether they should apply for the jobs advertised or wait for the fair. Most companies are recruiting heavily in the region at the moment, so whilst we will be getting a chance to talk directly to them on the 15th and 16th March, always apply as they won’t wait if they find the right candidate which may well be you! We are still putting together the workshop agenda and we will also be teaming up with the TEDx‌ Bristol team to do something – we will update you as soon as we know what! The website is and to sign up on eventbrite here .

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Meet & Speak anyone?

Meet & Speak is finally coming to Bristol, this is an initiative that was set up by a couple of our members Fran and Karen and is especially to support Women wanting to know how to present and be heard. We know it can be daunting and their first meetup is called Crafting your elevator pitch and acknowledging your fear. This has been in the planning for a while and we’re very excited by it, it will also run is both Bristol and Bath.

  • In this session we will be crafting our own 30-60 second elevator pitch (so called because it can be delivered between two floors in a lift), a succinct summary of our background and experience.
  • We use a simple three-part structure to craft our introductions and practice saying it within the group.
  • Then, working in pairs, we dig a bit deeper to find out more about each other. Four key questions will help us to craft a more interesting and extensive bio (useful when applying for a speaking slot).
  • Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway.
  • After coffee and cake we will discuss how to acknowledge and channel our anxiety about public speaking.
  • This is the first of six monthly meetings which run on the first Wednesday of every month.

Our Careers fair is showing some great interest and we will be announcing in a variety of posts and other social media the great companies who are coming aboard. We will also announce the workshops, which will all be free and part of the fun, the website is and to sign up on eventbrite here .

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A very Bristol Tech Careers Affair

Careers loud hailer

Phew – that was a busy week and there were 300 people who turned up for the Desklodge house launch party so big thanks to all who came and partied with us.

Thankfully this week we are mostly back to Normal .. except that we are now onto the next big thing .. our Tech Careers Fair!! Yes, we know that Bristol is lacking in this area so have put our heads together with HBB and Desklodge and decided to throw one in March (sorry, we are still in party mode!). We want it to be inclusive and open to everyone who has a slight interest in getting into the industry, with workshops, trainers and forward thinking companies who are open to speaking to everyone and all capabilities. The Website is live and we are currently speaking to our possible sponsors and our current WTHub members have a stand with their membership as they are already known to be great! Check it out here Tech³Shed

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WTF ~ Bristol! & Mad Hatters

This is a busy week for us and first but by no means least is the 4th Quarterly in our Womens Tech Founders Series. This one is about how to grow a company and we have a great panel lined up and its being hosted by the very wonderful Thanh Quan-Nicholls ours and Desklodge’s co-founder. It’s in Desklodge House so sign up here (there may be some free t-shirts thrown in!)

Then on Thursday 17th it’s our monthly Women’s Tech Hub Social which happens to be at the Desklodge Launch event, which is a mad hatters Tea party so sign up on Eventbrite and don’t be late! There will be cocktails, dressing up, a live band and various games and magic so you can put away your January blues and come have fun with us in the Fabulous new Desklodge House.

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Mad Hatters Tea Party

As we all know Desklodge is great and we had a sneak preview at the end of last year with cake, mince pies and mulled wine. The Alice in Wonderland and Galley style ground floor are now complete (as are one or two others .. or in the process of) so they are finally having an official Launch party.

It’s on the evening of the 17th and we hear rumours of dress up, live music and great food & drink, we’ll also be using this as our monthly Women’s Tech Hub Social so sign up on Eventbrite and don’t be late!

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