Covid Redundancies – what next?

We are pretty aware that a lot of you aren’t having the easiest time at the moment with redundancies primarily in the engineering sector that we’ve spotted. Rather than allowing you to give up, we took a look around for the best places for support and we’ve found that the national careers service site has it pretty well covered.. (which saves us some effort!).

This page for example offers:

  • Redundancy advice: explains your rights during redundancy – how to recognise if it’s legal as it may be insolvency and they also share a link to ACAS.
  • Redundancy and furlough: If you were made redundant after the end of February then there are options for companies to rehire and then furlough you which may be worth looking into.
  • Manage your money: It has information on what monies you may be eligible for and financial planning tools.
  • Retrain or improve your skills: Obviously we are big on this with our workshop offerings and are big on apprenticeships and online training which you can find on our previous newsletters and on our training links page here.
  • Look for work: shares advice on where to look – and we agree that using the multiple networks in the area such as the codehub slack or attending the meetups. Also structuring your day to dedicate set times to apply is a great idea.
  • Help and support: They offer help and support – and likewise Women’s Tech Hub is here to support you so if you are interested come speak to us and also check out the jobs on our Jobsboard or send us your details and we can add you to our candidate’s list.

The good news is that companies are starting to hire again so its worth getting your CV together and speaking to us, as while we are working directky with some companies, we have lots of others that we are friends with and are aware that are looking to fill places. Our first priority is always towards our members and helping you all into great careers, so if you are concerned just come and have a chat.

Workshop Wednesday & All the rest

We will finally take a break as the next one falls on Bank holiday week and we are expecting most people to be taking a break. We will be back on the 9th and will be ramping up with presentations too. Girl Geek Dinners and Women Tech Founders as well as a new Monday slot called Manic Mondays to replace Free 3 Fridays will all be coming to an online place near you too, so watch this space while we get on with the organising. In the meantime contact us directly if you want some support or just a chat on

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Is your CV making it through the system?

Woman rejecting resumes

We often support our members by taking an independent look at their CV’s and giving them honest feedback on what we would and wouldn’t include. Often this is done as a peer to peer support as many of our members have been interviewers in the past so are relatively experienced in the role.

It’s interesting to see the differences in the CVs that come through – the engineering style is much more pointed and factual and the more creative ones are .. well more creative looking. The issue is that we know that no matter what font or how much time you have spent on your CV, really it’s mainly about the content. The reason being the pesky things called ATS Applicant Tracking System, which essentially read in your CV, strip it out, and put it into a database. That’s right, all your wonderful work and preferred font reduced to Times new roman inside a database, depressing isn’t it!?

However, if you were a company trying to read through 100 CV’s, some which appear to include candidates’ life stories, then you would most likely automate it too. Here’s a piece that Sara price (Thanks Sara) just shared from Top Resume site and worth a share on this point: ‘resume ATS readability‘.

Workshop Wednesday

The next online Workshop Wednesday will be this Wednesday on the 12th of August and will host three workshops :

  • Workshop #1 Bristol Data Science & Machine Learning : “Self-paced peer-supported study session” You can join up on their direct meetup here
  • Workshop #2 WebDev101 You can join here or via codehub here
  • Workshop #3 Kathryn Armistead running the Pyhton beginners course

*Software testing with Donna will come back in the autumn we believe

If you wish to do a talk then please let us know by email on We are happy to host other rooms if you want to discuss projects etc and if you wish to sponsor one the details are on our networking page here.

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