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We’ve been having talks with women working in tech over the years and discussing the issues they face, we’ve decided that its worth having a wider conversation to help people have awareness of some of them. To start off we are tackling the Recruitment process both internal recruitment processes and external recruitment companies appear to have or are blockers for our women. We were really first made aware of this at our tech3shed recruitment fair where we were talking to the managers/CTO’s/CEO’s who attended and were bemused by how astonished they were by the number of high-quality female candidates they were seeing. Apparently they were not seeing them at all when they were recruiting, and when we spoke to the women it wasn’t like they hadn’t been applying. So the question for you all is – what’s actually blocking them? ……. We don’t have all the answers but check out this piece to start off your thinking on the interview process for those that do get that far.

Women Tech Founders

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… have run off on holiday but assured us that they will be back in September. As with everything we are still available for 121’s if you send us a message on info@wthub.org, we can arrange a call or zoom.


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We have new Jobs coming in every week for those of you looking check out our Jobs Board. For Companies looking for diverse candidates then please also check out our candidates page as we also have new members on there every week.

Check out this one for example – its supports remote working, is a charity and is bending over backwards to create an inclusive team. They are also upskilling in house to keep their employees careers moving, if we had a checklist for suitable companies they would have passed – solutions-developer.

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Summertime – Time for a break

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As with every summer we try to take a bit of a break as many of our members have families and take holidays at this time. This means that Free 3 Fridays is closed for a break, but if anyone wants to have a chat then we are available for 121’s if you send us a message on info@wthub.org we can arrange a call or zoom.

Robot searching for a job

We also know that some of our members have been hit by the current situation so if you are looking for a job then you might want us to add you to our candidate’s page here and also take a look at our jobs board for companies who have an interest in diverse candidates.

So while we are closing our doors on the fridays we have decided to carry on with our Workshop Wednesdays events throughout so people can carry on with their upskilling.

Workshop Wednesday

The next Workshop Wedenesday will be next week on the 29th of July and we currently have:

Sign up here (or in the individual group meetups on the links above) and feel free to join us for just the part that interests you, we will showcase what’s on from 6 – 6.15 before starting the talks.

If you wish to do a talk then please let us know by email on info@wthub.org.

We are happy to host other rooms if you want to discuss projects etc and if you wish to sponsor one the details are on our networking page here.

Don’t forget Mondays Women Tech Founders on Monday!

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