Tech Nation report …..Sigh…..

Fed Up Woman

So we spotted that the technation report was out last week and all the great news about Bristol being a great place for tech investment, but we didn’t really see anyone mentioning the elephant in the room. See if you can spot it…

Tech Nation Diversity Map

Seriously though is it not a bit shocking? We’ve taken a look back at their previous reports but this appears to be the first one with a diversity count. Last years was all about money and the year before was about networking and meetups. There should be one counting how many meetups are now run by recruiters as that’s been the last 2 years growth in meetups in Bristol that we’ve been seeing, and less independently run ones, which is a shame.

As we’ve said from the start, it’s not a case of just pushing more girls through the education system into the industry, it’s also about stopping the large dropout. When the IET bought out the 9%isnotenough campaign we noticed the next year that the number we believe had actually gone down to 8% – although the way the stats were calculated had changed and was reported as 11%. We’ve long suggested that rather than look at growing the number, the real issue is to stop it bottoming out and it seems we still have a long way to go!

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