Super Thank You

For the Support

…and love at our conference and careers fair last week. We truly couldn’t have done it without the Brilliant Team, volunteers and companies that supported us. So big thanks to Helen Farmer for managing the event with us, Susie King for her continuous support and attention to (every) detail. Our brilliant speakers who gave up their time: Anna-maria Wykes, Helen Lloyd, Kathryn Armitstead, Ben Byford, Elena Hersinger, Joanne Kitson and the wonderful UWE staff.

The companies also for coming along and engaging with the women so wonderfully – the attendees all came out of the room beaming with appreciation from how you engaged with them so you certainly won some support and a big thanks for supporting us!

A list of them and their current openings, we will keep live in appreciation on the career fair sponsors page.

The feedback from the day has been wonderful, so depite the stress of running our first large event since COVID began we are really pleased and hope that it drives some people to consider a career in the industry and to consider roles with the companies that attended.

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Its Here – The Data Conference and Tech Careers Fair!

Data Science Conference

Data Science Conference & Career Fair

April the 28th @ The Watershed, Central Bristol

If you are wanting to find out about a career in Data then signup via our page here.

Dat Science GIF

We’re pretty excited to welcome our final 2 companies to our Careers Fair – so big shout out to Boeing and QA – some details are below. The Conference details are on our page, including running order and some great speakers – Check it out here. Each Company has a page showing a list of some of their current job availabilities – For those of you already signed up then please check out the company pages and see what they are offering. TorchBox and the MOD both offer fully paid training opportunities and QA offer training opportunities and apprenticeships. The other companies have some great tech jobs available and all are happy to chat to you about them.

As described before, you are able to book in for chats with particle companies with our ‘meet the companies’ 15 minute dedicated slots. You can pre-book these by mailing us on info@wthub.org or you can simply request it when you arrive. You are also welcome just to pop in and chat to the companies.

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Happy Easter – Fancy being paid to reskill into Tech?

Happy Easter

Career Fair

28th April 2022

Careers loud hailer

There’s a new training offering in town and they are coming to our careers fair so never a better time to pop along and meet them. They are called TorchBox and you can check out their Tech and Digital Marketing Academy – alternatively, just check out their jobs! We also have Indicia Worldwide coming along with some great data science and analytics jobs as well so worth meeting with (note – they also have a graduate opportunity we spotted).

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Free Robotics courses & Data Science Conference


Women’s Tech Hub in collaboration with UWE

April the 28th 2022 @ The Watershed, Central Bristol

Women’s Tech Hub is proud to present a one day conference in collaboration with UWE Bristol. Rather than it being a conference for people in the field, this is a conference for people interested in Data Science and learning what it’s about, how to transfer into the field and generally what it’s about.

Our Feature pictures will be based on disciplines that use Data science. This weeks is Aquaponics.

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Life in the Data Highway

Woman on the Data Highway

Girl Geek Dinners Talk is on Data this month

Girls Geek Dinners details for the 29th of April are coming together; full details are on our Girlgeekdinners page. The first speaker announcement is from Anna Wykes on Data Engineering for Data Scientists.

Anna Wykes

Anna is a veteran software & data engineer, with over 15 years of experience. She’s tackled projects from real-time analytics with Scala & Kafka, building out Data Lakes with spark and applying engineering to Data Science. Anna is a senior consultant with Advancing Analytics, helping shape & evolve their data engineering practice. She has a real passion for data and strives to bring the worlds of Software Development and Data Science closer together. Other areas of interest include UX, Agile methodologies, and helping to organize/run local Code Clubs


A Data Engineer should be Data Scientist’s best friend, but sometimes the 2 roles get mixed up, or pitched against each other. In this session, Anna explores the core responsibilities of a Data Engineer and how proficient Data Engineering can actually make your Data Science projects more fun. We’ll look at what tools and techniques a Data Engineer uses and why they use them. We’ll also look into a history of the techniques/technologies and how they have evolved (and why)

Cyber Security Guide for small businesses

We spotted this from the National Cyber Security Centre, which we thought looked useful Small Business Guide: Cyber Security.

Cyber security needn’t be a daunting challenge for small business owners. Following the five quick and easy steps outlined in the guide below could save time, money and even your business’ reputation. This guide can’t guarantee protection from all types of cyber attack, but the steps outlined below can significantly reduce the chances of your business becoming a victim of cyber crime.

Want some positive news?

We are finding all the ‘who to hate now’ conversation slightly overwhelming as we’re sure you are too. So here’s the latest news from the positive news site:

  • Britain set a green energy record
  • Bee-friendly face masks launched
  • Seeds were sown for a community farm in Manchester

It also gave us an excuse to add a nice bee pic to this page – what’s not to love?

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