Welcome to the new website

We’ve been talking and planning this for what seems like forever – and yes it has been a few years. It’s finally here and we’re welcoming you all to use it and feedback with any suggestions. While we don’t promise to implement them all it’s good to know what you would like to see as this is a site to serve our members.

To talk you through the site and how you can engage with us we now offer the following:

A self-serve Jobs board for companies wanting to promote their jobs for gender diversity

A self-serve candidates page for those wanting to anonymously show off your skills to companies engaging with us.

A self-serve events page – so long as it’s tech-related and women are welcome to attend. Please include any

A support page for those wanting to support us or offer up some kind words.

A guest blog option – rules are that it’s positive, related to Tech and women such as events or solutions/help. We may need to edit and also reserve the right not to use them if they conflict with our codes of conduct/terms and conditions. But if it’s interesting then we look forward to seeing and posting them.

The site is UK wide and we will share the posts on our social media sites.

And finally – a monthly newsletter sign-up.

A big thank you to Nina Best from madebylemonade for implementing it for us xx