WTF ~ Bristol! & Mad Hatters

This is a busy week for us and first but by no means least is the 4th Quarterly in our Womens Tech Founders Series. This one is about how to grow a company and we have a great panel lined up and its being hosted by the very wonderful Thanh Quan-Nicholls ours and Desklodge’s co-founder. It’s in Desklodge House so sign up here (there may be some free t-shirts thrown in!)

Then on Thursday 17th it’s our monthly Women’s Tech Hub Social which happens to be at the Desklodge Launch event, which is a mad hatters Tea party so sign up on Eventbrite and don’t be late! There will be cocktails, dressing up, a live band and various games and magic so you can put away your January blues and come have fun with us in the Fabulous new Desklodge House.

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Mad Hatters Tea Party

As we all know Desklodge is great and we had a sneak preview at the end of last year with cake, mince pies and mulled wine. The Alice in Wonderland and Galley style ground floor are now complete (as are one or two others .. or in the process of) so they are finally having an official Launch party.

It’s on the evening of the 17th and we hear rumours of dress up, live music and great food & drink, we’ll also be using this as our monthly Women’s Tech Hub Social so sign up on Eventbrite and don’t be late!

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Collaborative working on ‘do good’ projects anyone?

working group women
We know that a lot of our members are currently trying hard to get into the tech industry and could do with some practical support on their upskilling.
So .. we’ve teamed up with the lovely CodeHub lot, who are going to allow us to run teams at their bi-weekly hacks to test out our skills on live projects.  We welcome helpers to support, especially if you have accidentally fallen into a PM role and missing your old skills!
We currently have a charity and a pre-startup health tech company both keen on getting some support.  It is unpaid as we are helping out for charities and non tech groups or WTF members to let us play with their project, help us help one another learn great skills and gain a portfolio.

The first one is this tuesday so short notice but feel free to pop along if you are free or join up to a later one, sign up here CodeHub.


Voxxed Days & Bath Digital Festival

This week we are really excited to have been invited to Voxxed Days.
It’s on the 25th October @ the watershed in Bristol with sessions on topics including Cloud, Big Data, AI, Robotics, Programming Languages, Java, Security, Architecture and Developer.  They have managed to get a 25% female speaker lineup this year which we love and also given us a 30% discount to all our members (which we love even more) so mail us and we can send you the code on

WTF ~ Bristol Q3: Starting up

Women Tech Founders – Getting off the ground

As many of you know, you’ve hopefully seen the T-shirts!, we run a quarterly event to support Women Tech Founders.
This is to support women who are interested in starting their own enterprise,  who are interested in what it takes to run a start-up, or already have a company and are looking for a supportive nework.
We welcome men who are interested in supporting women to come along and  it runs quarterly with themes based on stages of start-up.  The next one is on October the 16th and you can join up here.

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