9 October 2022

The rise and rise of Female Software Engineers in the age of Digital Transformation

Female software engineers have never been in more demand as digital transformation projects, new technologies and unparalleled innovation reshapes the world of tech. As a leader in the digital transformation space, Kainos’ leading women in technology join us for a lively discussion looking at:

  • The evolving role of the software engineer
  • Spotlighting new technologies and practices: the hippocratic oath of API versioning
  • The rise of female software engineers and opportunities within a diverse team
  • Practical tips for moving up in your career – choosing between individual contributor and management roles

Sadly we noticed that this will be the final year:

ALD founder @Suw  spoke to BBC Tech Tent’s @zsk  about why this year’s Ada Lovelace Day will be the last, why it’s hard to get funding, and why the problem of not enough women in tech is solvable if only companies were willing to invest in it. You can hear it on the BBC Tech Tent here “The boss of Apple, Tim Cook, tells the BBC there are no good excuses for the persistent gender imbalance in tech. We ask women starting their careers in the sector what needs to change.”

Which is something we hear far too often. If these groups were supported by the industry rather than expecting it to be solved through an in-house once yearly nod to womens days, rather than understanding the systemic issues, then maybe we would see a difference as these groups have far more invested in solving it, from our experience. Untill that point I guess we will leave you all gazing at your navels and wondering what happened, with blank looks on your faces (we are only half joking on that!)

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