14 May 2023

Training and Bootcamps: Electronics & web design/development

As we’re now a magazine style we’ll be bringing over the useful information that’s still relevant from our old site in case you(and we) were missing anything.

We’ll put together a series of these for you to dive into and research the industry starting with how best to skill up.

This week we have Electronics and web design/Development resources.


Skills Bootcamps in Electech (Electronics) Tech Lancaster has developed an intensive 12 week Electronic Skills Programme, using expert knowledge and industry insights. The course is designed to equip students with the specialist skills and confidence needed for a career in the electronics sector.

Explore electronic and electrical engineering systems Developed by the UK Electronics Skill Foundation and the University of Birmingham, this three-week course will introduce the fundamentals of electronics in preparation for university or an apprenticeship.

Web Development

As it says on the tin – learn Web Design, HTML and CSS

Alison : CodeAcademy : Coursera : EDX


JavaScript is a key web development programming language, to help add interactivity to your Web pages

Alison : CodeAcademy : Coursera : EDX

Creative Design

There are areas around web design that is much more in the creative spectrum so photoshop, graphic design and User Interface – make your website nice to interact with!

Alison : CodeAcademy  Coursera : EDX


There is a lot more to web development than meets the eye – theres the back-end, the front-end, embedded functionality, analytics and all sorts – here are some other things to look at

Alison : CodeAcademy : Coursera : EDX

Web Development



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