28 June 2023

True Crime | Women | TV Casting

·         Do you have a passion for true crime mysteries?

·        Can you solve some of the U.K.’s unsolved cold cases?

The documentary filmmakers behind “Expert Witness”, “Cops on the Rock”, and “The Case I Can’t Forget” are searching the U.K. for female sleuths to star in a new detective series.  Their mission will be to solve unsolved murders and disappearances from the last decade.

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We were contacted about this with the following info – and we are absolutely certain that it will tick so many boxes for so many of you, we just had to share

I am producing a new documentary series at the multi-award winning company Rare TV, the filmmakers behind “Expert Witness”, “Cops On The Rock”, “The Case I Can’t Forget” and many others.

I am currently producing a new U.K. True Crime show and searching for an all-female cast to headline the series. We have had requests from broadcasters to build a team of women to show a proof of concept, characters, and skills.

We are looking for 5 women to join forces and investigate cold cases. We are talking with criminologists, podcasters, bloggers, and armature true crime enthusiasts. From Scouts Leaders, Personal Assistants, Teachers, Authors, Former Forces, Liberians, IT engineers with an interest in cybercrime or Taxi Drivers with a love of True Crime.

We are open to varying characters and different transferable skills. We are looking for different skills to make up a great onscreen team.

There will be a selection process, so we are asking for anyone interested to contact us directly via email. There is no commitment at this early stage and applying to take part in no way ties anyone to the production. I can assure you that we take our duty of care to our contributors very seriously; there will be many talks with the team here before individuals are asked to take part. It is very easy for people to apply using the online form: www.rare-tv.com/casting

For more information ask Charlie at @CharlieCasting


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