About WebDev 101

WebDev101 is a self-directed study group for everyone interested in improving their knowledge of any subject in the field of web development. As we are not instructor-led, you will only get out what you put in to this group!

The goal of WebDev101 is to help each other progress with individual and/or group goals by providing a space and time in which to meet other like-minded developers, ask questions and potentially find a mentor – or be one.

Rob Squires is running the WebDev101 this year with a great project that you can all get involved with

As of January 2021 WebDev101 will be focused on building a new website for https://www.bristoltechfair.org/

Whether you’re a complete novice or quite comfortable with your WebDev skills, there will be plenty of oppurtunity to learn new things! We’ll be building this website from the ground up so you can understand what goes into building a site from start to finish.

The project has been worked on with Marija Sta who has done all of the UX for it and has handed it over to the group for Development which Rob is keen to aiming at absolute beginners. Its also open though to anyone wanting to help out and add to their portfolios (more experienced) or mentor members and also non techies who are keen to get involved looking for resources and content for the site.

The Website is the one we used for our event last year and has such a great name that we’ve decided to put it to use to support younger members of school age to get into Tech. During the lockdown we are aware that some schools have been better resourced than others so we figured building something to support all schools to have the knowledge and access to the free resources out there made perfect sense both for the current crisis but also moving forward for children not engaging within school.

If you are involved with schools then this may also be of interest to you to feed into. It is obviously tech-related as that’s our specialism for the first pass, but we hope the community can build a great resource site to engage with children and give them an affordable and comprehensible way in which to engage with Tech.

There is no deadline for the website so people are welcome to work at their own pace with support from the group. We’re really excited about it as we’ve seen the UX design that Marija has done for it and it looks great.

It’s a collaborative project between women’s tech hub and codehub so we are hoping for a great diverse mix of people. It’s also a great place to come and learn new skills for free and there’s no prerequisite for knowledge so come along (they’re a really helpful bunch!).

What to bring

Your own laptop, a beginner’s mindset, complete dedication to respecting others

Where and when

We meet every second Wednesday evening from 6.15pm to 8.30pm at Workshop Wednesdays. You can join up on the codehub meetup through the Women’s Tech Hub meetup or simply find out more via the CodeHub slack channel.