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GreenConf September the 30th

Myth or reality: developers and tech engineers have the power to design, build and run more sustainable software today? Join us to find out on September 30th.

Anthropology and Technology Conference October the 9th & 12th

Our conference brings together technologists, who are working on emerging technology projects related to AI, and anthropologists to foster dialogue and collaboration across the disciplines. The conference has been curated to help today’s leading technology companies understand the significant value of combining teams of technologists with social scientists. Together we can build a future in which socially-responsible AI is the norm.

This year there are three streams: fintech, health tech, and smart cities. You’ll hear from experts from anthropology, artificial intelligence, computer science, cybersecurity, data science, digital sociology, economics, human rights, and medicine. Join us and be part of this ground-breaking and unique event.

London Microbiome Meeting 2020 October the 9th

Hosted by the Department of Twin Research at King’s College London and held once a year, the London Microbiome Meeting aims to create a forum to share research that explores the field of microbiomics, providing a broad overview to both research and methodology.

AI Tech North 2020 Conference — October the 12th -13th

AI Tech North is a platform to bring professionals, leaders, and enthusiasts with a common interest in Artificial Intelligence and tech innovations together. An ecosystem in the North to “disrupt the AI disruption” and to augment “people” not automation. We believe in AI for the people and AI for good. Join AI leaders, practitioners and enthusiasts at AI Tech North 2020 this October 12-13 – with complete virtual access!

React Summit October the 15th – 16th

A two-day conference on all things React, gathering Front-end and Full-stack engineers across the globe in the cloud. To help you stay up-to-date on the latest React tech, we’re coming back with a new remote gig on October 15-16, 2020. Mark your calendars for the biggest virtual event for the React community. Besides the conference talks delivered by well-known pros, be prepared for awesome MCs and a number of virtual networking activities, interactive entertainment, and engaging challenges for all participants.

Leading with Innovation October 19th – 22nd October

Reset, Rethink, Rebuild

Our world has hit an inflection point. Now is the time to reset, rethink, and rebuild. Join us online as our editors and expert speakers explore technology strategies for leadership in a changed world. Now is the time to lead with innovation. The world is counting on us.

SnykCon 2020 21st – 22nd October

SnykCon is a free, multi-track event designed to help development, security and operations teams accelerate the development of secure software. 100% of the proceeds will benefit our charitable partner The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Codemotion October 20-21-22, 2020

The multitrack tech conference made by developers for developers.

One ticket, four conferences on Software Architecture, Frontend and Design, AI/Machine Learning and Team Growth and IT career. We’ll gather all IT professionals with different backgrounds and levels of experience providing them with technical excellence, cutting-edge technologies as well as hands-on activities, best practices & case studies.

Digital Gaggle Conference – POSTPONED to the 19th of November

Digital Gaggle crash lands at Bristol’s Watershed cinema on Thursday 19th of November for an afternoon of inspiring speakers, dedicated to helping you elevate your digital marketing to the next level. Digital Gaggle is a biannual conference organised by Noisy Little Monkey which brings together the best marketing minds in the South West. The conference is crammed full of talks from industry leaders who will share their tips, strategies and best practice with you so that you leave inspired to innovate the way you do marketing for your business.

Pixel Pioneers BristolPOSTPONED – to Oct/Nov or 2021

A one-day conference of practical and inspiring design and front-end talks, featuring eight world-class speakers, preceded by a workshop day.

The Fourth International Workshop on Socio-gerontechnology by NIHR Bristol Biomedical Research Centre –

Socio-gerontechnology network of researchers share an interest in exploring the entanglements of ageing and technologies. The network seeks to strengthen critical and reflexive thinking and research by emphasizing the complex and co-constitutive relationship between ageing, technology and society. It brings together international scholars from a variety of disciplinary background (i.e. critical and cultural gerontology, science and technology studies (STS), sociology, anthropology, age studies, HCI and education) and provides a forum for productive, open and supportive exchange and dialogue, with the aim of fostering curiosity, reflexivity and enthusiasm for researching the topic.

GW4 Water Security Alliance 2020 Annual Conference POSTPONED to the 3 November

Every year, the GW4 Water Security Alliance bring stakeholders and academics together during a one-day conference to discuss water research challenges. Our 2019 event gathered over 120 attendees with key speakers from UNESCO and Environment Agency. Please see the summary of our 2019 event here.

Agile in the City: Bristol – 2020 November the 4th

Agile in the City: Bristol is a practical event for the Agile community from the organisers of Agile Cambridge and Agile Manchester. Returning for its fifth year, this conference allows participants to connect and learn from their peers and leaders in the industry. It has a strong practical focus and attracts industry practitioners and decision-makers who want to improve their success with agile methods. The event provides three days of inspiring agile and lean learning from a dynamic mix of stimulating keynotes and practitioners working on the front line of the industry.

IoT Security Foundation Virtual Conference December 1st – 4th

The 6th Annual Internet of Things Security Foundation Conference is a four-day virtual event that takes place between Tuesday 1st and Friday 4th December 2020. The Annual IoTSF Conference has built a loyal global following from the IoT stakeholder communities and is renowned for delivering high-quality conference programmes. The era of IoT describes the world as it transforms to be ever-digital and increasingly connected. Along with the power of digital comes the reciprocal cyber threat, and we continue to witness an increasing number of attacks enabled by-products that lack protection against well-known exploits, have been badly configured or suffer from poor maintenance. This causes businesses to be hesitant, concerns governments, increases the likelihood of regulation and ultimately frustrates markets.

Web Summit December 2nd – 4th

Times may be uncertain, but one thing remains true. There’s a simple power in people coming together. That’s why Web Summit is going online this December. We’re a company from Dublin, Ireland that holds events online and across the world – Web Summit, Collision and RISE. Forbes has said we run “the best technology conference on the planet”;
The Atlantic that Web Summit is “where the future goes to be born”;
The New York Times that we assemble “a grand conclave of the tech industry’s high priests.”

The Autnomous Conference March the 10th 2021

Shaping the future of safe autonomous mobility

As autonomous mobility is moving closer to becoming a reality, safety concerns prove to be the main hurdle in the way of reaching broad acceptance. Overcoming this challenge and the necessary investment costs cannot be mastered by a single OEM, tier 1, or tech company.

Therefore, The Autonomous mobility industry must come together and show significant efforts in prioritizing and ensuring safety on all technological levels, as well as to set common technical and legal standards.

Conference Reviews from our members

If you wish to share any feedback from conferences that you have attended please mail us on

PyData London 2019 – review on 21st July 2019

The nice part about the conference is that they offer ticket scholarships for underrepresented groups in tech and women are more than welcome to apply. The organizers pointed out that it would be great to see more women join the PyData community. The application for the scholarship is quite simple: there is only a one page form to fill up  -> see

I also have only good things to say about the organizers, who try to make everyone feel as welcome and included as possible. We had a diversity lunch event this year and we had free childcare and a nursing room on the premises as well!