Networking & Workshops

Women’s Tech Hub ∼ Bristol exists to encourage none-included groups, primarily gender-related who are in, or interested in tech to help support and develop their careers within the industry.

We support via our networking events as well as signposting other local tech-related groups and industry by offering practical support such as finding sponsorship and venues for the events and avoiding calendar clashes. We aim to help local tech companies create a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture that benefits everyone.

We post a weekly newsletter every Sunday Highlighting all the events that we spot and believe may be of interest in the region as well as blogs advertising our workshops and events.

Workshop Wednesdays

Workshop Wednesdays

We try to support as many events as possible to help our members and partner groups to encourage and enable people into tech so we set up Workshop Wednesdays (which we seem to have adopted a rather sing-song tone when saying it, for some reason not even known by ourselves!).

We are looking for sponsor companies to support us with the time, energy, and cost associated with running the group in return for an opportunity to present and communicate either as an engagement or a recruitment piece. Women’s Tech Hub runs a no recruiter (other than an internal sponsor recruiter as noted above) and a strict social media policy which you can find in our Code of Conduct, the meetup is open to everyone (yes that includes men) so please join up and sign up if you want to come along.

Virtual Workshop Wednesday sponsorship cost £200 + VAT                    

While we have moved Workshop Wednesdays online we feel that it would still be possible for companies who are looking to engage, support and recruit to sponsor these but without teh drinks and pizza options, so we can offer these at a reduced cost.

For sponsoring a workshop, in return you will receive:

  • Attend a virtual workshop Wednesday at Desklodge as Sponsor Company. This includes a “Virtual pizza pitch” to all the workshop groups at 7.15 pm about the company, including any jobs that you are currently recruiting for and any workshops you may be running.
  • You have an option to run workshops – in the past companies have for example run 3 workshops for around 8 people and recruited in 2 people for each workshop set. You can treat this as a part of a recruitment process but also as part upskilling our members who may simply want to learn the skillset.
  • A Blog Post announcement 2 weeks in advance, to allow for maximum reach and engagement, this is also reshared via our twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts
  • MeetUp company logo on the meetup event, with itself plus on our member’s page
  • Meet up event detail on the company with a hyperlink to company site
  • You may have a free Jobsboard entry for a month
  • Your company have the right to the use of the WTHub name for your website (this is subject to an IPO as a protected brand) for a duration of 12 months for publicity of the workshops
  • To ensure that we remain company agnostic we are only able to support each company sponsoring 1 session per term (6-8 weeks), there are 3 terms a year, this matches with school terms due to the natural fit with the demographics of our group.

Manic Mondays

Manic Monday

Women’s Tech Hub are available for support online in place of our Free Three Fridays (F3F) for zoom catch-ups on a monday nights. Sign up on our meetup here or mail us on for details.

Tech-related meetups in Bristol aimed at women*

If you would like to support or advertise an event that you believe may be of interest then please get in touch with us on

*or those identifying as women