Women’s Tech Hub provides a range of support services for women in tech, aimed at increasing diversity and gender equality in the tech industry. Some examples of their support services include:

Training: Women’s Tech Hub offers workshops on a variety of topics, including coding, to help women develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in tech.

Mentorship: Women’s Tech Hub provides tailored mentorship introductions to connect women with experienced professionals in the tech industry. These mentors offer guidance and support, helping women navigate the challenges of working in tech and advance their careers.

Networking: Women’s Tech Hub hosts regular networking events that bring together women in tech, providing opportunities to connect, share knowledge, and build relationships. The networking events are partnered with groups such as CodeHub and Bristol Data Science and Machine Learning and are happy to partner with other groups. They also mangage the local Bristol GirlGeekDinners group.

Job opportunities: Women’s Tech Hub partners with local employers to promote job opportunities for women in tech. They also provide job boards and other resources to help women find and apply for jobs in the industry.

Advocacy: Women’s Tech Hub advocates for greater diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, working to raise awareness of the challenges faced by women and other underrepresented groups and promote policies and initiatives that promote greater diversity and inclusivity.

Overall, Women’s Tech Hub provides a valuable range of support services that help women in tech overcome barriers and succeed in the industry.

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