For our members wishing to dip their toes into the tech world but who are not sure where to go and whether or not it’s a career for them then we would suggest looking at MooCs.

MooC is short for Massive Open Online Course.  They are usually free, and the courses offered online are often from some of the most prestigious universities like Harvard, MIT, and Stanford.

There is a mixture of free or cheap to learn options available:


AWS Amazon

Code Academy



Free Boot Camp

Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award

Microsoft Virtual academy

Open University

Skills Toolset



Specialist training

Rather than doing pure coding it may be worth investigating specialising in tools, many of the CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) database tools are large and complex and for this reason, people with skills in the area are very sought after and well paid.

Salesforce Training

Microsoft Dynamics Training

Some UX specific Courses: