Need a portfolio site? Check out our Wednesday lineup

Next week’s great lineup is as great as ever – and, as ever, it costs nothing: just signup HERE.

Workshop #1 PyLAB (Python Advanced Beginners)

PyLAB logo
PractPyLABising is cool

Continuing and sharing on the Robert Heatons projects for advanced beginners.
Working on the Spotify app that Anna suggested. The initial document is here. Over the next couple of weeks we will all get up to speed on what is suggested and ask questions to make sure we are ‘on the same page’.

Workshop #2 WedDev101

WebDev101 Logo

Project surgery/open discussion for anyone with projects to share, questions to ask, support wanted etc

This is the group for anyone working in Web Development and all the great stuff around it for more details on the group see the webpage here. Rob will be running a workshop in the second half – see details below.

Workshop #3 Bristol Data Science and Machine Learning

BDSML logo

Time to carry on learning! Or talk about difficulties and challenges since last session – we are here to help. We are currently focusing on the ‘Practical Deep Learning for Coders 2020’ course (
you can also join up on their group here

Workshop/Talk #4 Portfolio Sites

Rob Squires from WEbdev101 is going to talk us through how to set up a portfolio site with Gatsby.js and Netlify.  For all of you out there freelancing or job hunting why not join Rob and learn how you can showcase your talents with a career portfolio site.  Gatsby and Netifly are perfect tools for hosting and managing a site that can best sell you for potential jobs in a time in which is a complex job market and you need to get ahead of the curve.