Tableau & Data visualisation @ Workshop Wednesday

Just some more details on the Tableau talk with Gabs#1 tonight (Join up here)

Tableau & Data visualisation for current Excel users

Gabriela Morales

This workshop is meant for those interested in learning more about Tableau and Data Analysis & Visualisations. It will introduce the software by making comparisons with the widely-known Excel. However, no previous knowledge of either software is required. 

The workshop will cover the following sections: – How can Tableau & Data Visualisations advance your career – The top 10 features you’ll love from Tableau if you’re an Excel user – Example / Exercise in Tableau – Where to start if you want to learn Tableau – Q&A session

The full agenda:

6pm : Zoom starts – info share and quick hi to everyone

6:15pm: 2 workshops running in separate rooms

Workshop #1 Donna Grimmer presenting:

Join us for a chat and presentations relevant to Software testing and how it plays an integral part of software development.

Learn the basic concept of testing and how it is implemented right from the start of a project.

You can join the group here or pop in from this join up

*this is a women in software testing group but members of wthub and Codehub are welcome to attend if they are signed up to Workshop Wednesday

Workshop #2 Gabriela Morales presenting:

Tableau & Data visualisation for current Excel users (TBC)
WebDev101 Breakout room

We will open up a breakout room for the WebDev101 should any members wish to work on web development together. Currently, we do not have a host so this will be on request and we can leave the room open for the full meeting

7:15pm: Coffee/wine/cocktail/beer break – will stay live for any discussions

7:30pm: 2 workshops

Workshop#3 James presenting his ‘intro to’ series:

An intro to SQL. This was run previously at our live event at Desklodge House and proved extremely popular.

He’ll be presenting some slides on SQL, relational databases and how to use them to store information. Then there will be at least one database server to play with, so please have a laptop available and you can try a few things.

We’ll look at how we create a database, query a database and, if we have time, structure it to optimise for different tasks.

Workshop #2 Kathryn Armistead running:

There will also be a Python beginners course at 7:30pm with Kathryn. It is following an online Python Course (–ud1110), with fortnightly workshops to go over the course material with the opportunity to ask questions, share coursework etc. For the next workshop we will cover lesson 3: there is quite a lot of substance here and all things that you will use over and over again, so if you have time any extra practice will stand you in good stead.

8:30pm: Central chat and call out for any projects that people want to support etc. Also time to make suggestions on subjects moving forward .. we are currently putting them together so will show the list and dates moving forward.

9pm: Close