Workshop Wednesdays


We are back in ‘the real’ bi-weekly at Desklodge with the lovely Codehub lot.

It is a slightly later start than a couple of years ago (ie last time we were face to face!) as many people will be travelling from home due to remote working. 6.30 pm is now the checking-in time. There won’t be pizzas (this may change if we get some sponsors in), though we will provide drinks.

It will be a drop in for networking, discussion and support, allowing beginners as well as professionals to mix easily. For beginners, the specialists should be able to propose training in the areas of expertise and support where help is needed. We will also be supported by Slack channels.

There are already a few groups forming. In particular:

  • Pylab (ie Python for learners): A project, Team Groove, is being resurrected as a learning opportunity and is suitable for anyone with interest in Python, at whatever level. (Previous progress came to a halt because participants got jobs!)
  • Bristol Data Science and Machine Learning: this group is getting together for all interested in discussions on these topics.
  • WebDev: hints of a group are emerging – come along to find out more and get involved from the outset

Other groups will emerge over time, depending on what attendees are looking to learn and develop.

Sign up at any one of the following:

Workshop Wednesdays
Workshop Wednesdays

Anyone wanting to run games or other geeky stuff is more than welcome as is anything else people want to meet up and discuss (anyone interested in autonomous vehicles then I’m all ears).

The groups can run workshops if they deem it required and one-offs such as laptop maintenance/databases/Github/ etc


Anyone feeling ill, even if you think it’s just a cold, please take a lateral flow test.
If you are in the at-risk category then we would suggest not coming live and maybe attending the alternate Tuesdays codehub hack night may suit you.