Workshop Wednesdays

Workshop Wednesdays are our Bi-weekly events in collaboration with Codehub where we run workshops along with drop-in coding and networking sessions. Once we are through the pandemic we are hoping to move these back live again at the fabulous desklodge house near Bristol temple meads, for now, we are riding out the pandemic on zoom sessions.

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Wednesday the 20th of October 2021 Workshop

For this one we are partnering up with girlgeekdinners so there are multiple signup options:

GGD #86 Changing the Imposter Syndrome Narrative by Bristol Girl Geek Dinners • Temple Meads

BGGD Reloaded #17 Changing the Imposter Syndrome Narrative by Bath Girl Geek Dinners • Bath

Workshop Wednesdays by Women’s Tech Hub ~ Bristol • Bristol


6:00 – 6:15 PM – Intros and catch up 

6:15- 6:45 PM – Talk and presentation 

6:45-7:00 PM Q&A

7.00 PM onwards – we will have the rooms open for Pylab, WebDev101 or just a chat room to catch up.

Changing the Imposter Syndrome Narrative – October the 20th

Speaker: Laura Burnett

Bio:Laura Burnett is Made Tech’s Delivery Principal and a people-focused product specialist with a wealth of experience in building high-quality products, managing global teams and driving positive organisational changes. Laura has a true passion and drive for delivering the highest level of value to clients by inspiring high performing teams and guiding them to overcome complex challenges all whilst being the best version of themselves.”

Feelings of self-doubt and a lack of confidence are often explained away as imposter syndrome, especially for working women, but is that a useful diagnosis?

If we want to build a truly diverse and inclusive world of work, then we need to question the universally accepted beliefs about imposter syndrome. We need to change the narrative from a problem faced by an individual and instead ask ourselves what it is about organisational culture that leads to 70% of people suffering from imposter syndrome during their careers.

Join Made Tech’s Delivery Principal, Laura Burnett as she explores how we can challenge the common misconceptions surrounding imposter syndrome and learn:

  • Who suffers from Imposter Syndrome?
  • Is Imposter Syndrome even a problem?
  • How should Imposter Syndrome be addressed?”

Sign up on GGD #86 Changing the Imposter Syndrome Narrative or BGGD Reloaded #17 Changing the Imposter Syndrome Narrative or Workshop Wednesdays

Using Classes in Python with Stephen Leach (will return at the next WW)

6.15 – 7.15pm

The Tao of object-oriented programming with Stephen Leach

Just a reminder that this Wednesday I will be running Part 2 of a series of workshops on the Tao of object-oriented programming using Python as our tutorial vehicle. If you missed Part 1, don’t worry, I am doing a short recap each week that doubles up as a refresher for those who attended and an intro for new joiners. The first sessions are based on a running example that you can find at This Wednesday’s session will be focused on the nature of extensibility. It will start from the conventional basis of class extension and sneakily slinks sideways into a strange new perspective. You may never see code the same way again :scream:.

Session 01 – Behaviour. The running example is the [Extract Ranges][3] example from [RosettaCode][2].

Session 02 – Overlapping Behaviour. We continue with the [Extract Ranges][3] running example.

Session 03 – Object Life Cycles – we tackle the implications of non-totality and especially dynamic non-totality.

Session 04 –  Organisation of Code. A key factor in OOP success is how it drives code organisation. We cover the tricky topic of core vs non-core methods. We also cover private, protected and public and laugh hollowly.

Session 05 – X-Ray Vision. How to spot opportunities to identify & extract classes from code.

Session 06 – Enhanced X-Ray Vision. Moving onto how to transform function calls into objects and vice versa.

Session 07 – Data Encapsulation and Ownership. We highlight the deep relationship between mutability and ownership and then discuss practical implications. We discover how not to write code and find people have left a fine trail not to follow.

Session 08 – Design Patterns. We review the objectives of Design Patterns. We review the Builder Pattern in the light of Session 07. We implement a builder pattern for the Range Extraction example. 

7.15pm .. onwards (9pm latest)

Following on from the workshop you can decide which group you want to chat to dependent on your interests:

PyLAB: Python Learning for Advanced Beginners with James Rennison

PyLAB logo
Python is cool

We ran a set of beginner workshops and then last year worked on a project with a slightly more advanced group. For newbies to coding, python is a lovely and very versatile language to get into and this is the group who you can talk to about it, either just to get some information or share any projects you are working on. It has a great set of AI: Artificial Intelligence and ML: Machine Learning libraries for those data enthusiasts out there, check out the website here.

If you’d like to join them, there’s no requirement to have any prior knowledge and similarly if you are an aficionado and just want to talk geek you are just as welcome.

WebDEV101 with Rob Squires

WebDev101 Logo

WebDev101 is a self-directed study group for everyone interested in improving their knowledge of any subject in the field of web development. As we are not instructor-led, you will only get out what you put in to this group!

The goal of WebDev101 is to help each other progress with individual and/or group goals by providing a space and time in which to meet other like-minded developers, ask questions and potentially find a mentor – or be one.

Bring your own laptop, a beginner’s mindset, a complete dedication to respecting others and your questions.


Alternatively you can just stay in the room and catch up with other members – get support or make suggestions for what you would like to see in the workshops.

JOIN HERE: Workshop Wednesdays or via CodeHub @ Workshop Wednesdays

If you’d like to join in, just introduce yourself on the python_workshop channel in CodeHub Slack ( or come along to the next Workshop Wednesday.