Intro to … SQL on Workshop Wednesday the 26th

Continuing on from our **Intro to series, James and Ben are going to be hosting an intro to SQL session on the 26th of January at our Workshop Wednesday

They’ll be presenting some slides on SQL, relational databases and how to use them to store information. Then there will be at least one database server to play with, so please bring a laptop and you can try a few things.

We’ll look at how we create a database, query a database and, if we have time, structure it to optimise for different tasks.

Draft topics

How relational databases store information

  • Data types, columns and rows
  • Create a first table
  • Query a first table
  • Create a second, related table
  • Query both tables
  • Different ways of joining tables
  • How databases search tables
  • Indexes and why we use them
  • Create your own database and add some tables with data
  • Other clever tricks: views, triggers
  • Advanced ideas: stored procedures

Sign up on our meetup page here responding with SQL to teh attending question