Next Week’s Workshops

We are going to run all our workshops alongside one another on the Wednesdays and the good news we are resurrecting Girlgeekdinners with a couple of great talks coming up! We therefore will be happy to host any groups that wish to run workshops for free and that are inclusive.

Currently we have the great

WebDev101 Logo

Who are doing a great job putting together the Bristol Tech Fair website to help signpost kids to find Tech resources! All welcome – there’s a Codehub Slack group also set up to support volunteers and its a great place to learn new coding techniques and also have something to showcase on your CV.

We also have the return of PyLabs for all python lovers out there

PyLAB logo
PractPyLABising is cool

Which is now being run by James Rennison

In our last PyLAB workshop we discussed how we’re going to build our new product, Team Groove.

We decided on adopting some of the ceremonies and practices from Scrum so we can get a feel for the most popular Agile methodology and see if it works for us. This week we’ll be refining our first user stories and looking at some ways to estimate effort for code in an uncertain technical environment. We may even get someone to accept the role of scrum master for our next sprint.

We also have a shiny new code repository ready for some code so before we finish, we’ll agree the first steps so people can push their work for review and acceptance. If you want to collaborate on a Python project, learn some code, learn some development techniques, or have ideas about Agile and open source community coding, then please join us! 

The central group will be hosted by Serrie and open to all WTHUB members who want to catch up with one another or have a chat or questions about jobs, support and anything else that springs to mind. The strength of it all is in the network and shared support so feel free to pop along even if you don’t want to do a workshop, we’re also open to any ideas of talks that you want to see! If you are a company wishing to engage then also feel free to pop along and pose any questions to us about how to engage, collaborate or support diversity in Tech.

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We’ll see you Wednesday – sign up on either Workshop Wednesdays or CodeHub @ Workshop Wednesdays and a quick shout-out to the more advanced codehub python Dojo group too Virtual Python Code Dojo