Workshop Wednesday lineup on the 23rd of September

Workshop Wednesday lineup

We have heard from our workshop partners and the final look for this Wednesday is

The agenda is :

6pm : Zoom starts – info share and quick hi to everyone

6:15pm: workshops running in separate rooms *TBC

Workshop #1 WebDev101 ..

WebDev101 Logo

coming back at the next one so no WebDev101 at this one unless anyone wants to pop into a room and share problems/discuss their websites

Workshop #2 PyLAB

PyLAB logo
Practising is cool

Python Learning for Advanced Beginners (‘PyLAB’)
Details here:

Workshop #3 Bristol Data Science and Machine Learning
Community news, tips and tools
We will share some useful tips and tricks for Python, Jupyter notebooks, and Data Science. Plus share info about upcoming events, workshops and interesting meetups related to Data Science and Machine Learning.

7:15pm: Coffee/wine/cocktail/beer break – will stay live for any discussions

7:30pm: Workshop #3 continues (BDSML)

BDSML logo

Study time – yes! Time to carry on learning! This will not be moderated and not on Zoom. Just you and your laptop.
We are currently focusing on the ‘Practical Deep Learning for Coders v3’ course (

8:30pm: Central chat and call out for any projects that people want to support etc.

We do have a lot of workshops that we are currently lining up for the following meetups and we are happy to discuss with people what you would like to see presented moving forward


  • Please Join up on our meetup page
  • All genders and ages welcome
  • Please abide by the rules of Women’s Tech Hub
  • We will not take photos or put any images of people attending and will ask attendees also to abide by these rules
  • We may *with agreement* record sessions to build up a resources library for members moving forward .. we are currently looking at the best manner/tooling with which to do this
  • We will be screen sharing and therefore do not expect attendees to share their videos
  • Should any members wish to continue a conversation rather than attending the main workshops lease request in the chat and we can open up a breakout room for you – you can share video in the breakout rooms
  • We would ask members not to speak over one another or the speaker – this is difficult so if possible either raise your hand or ask a question on chat so we can respond or put the question to the speaker at an appropriate time