Workshop Wednesday lineup on the 3rd of June

The next online Workshop Wednesday will host two workshops and some catch-up time in between should anyone want to share any initiatives they are working on or seeking help with. For this please send us details beforehand and we will share the info on a slideshare.

The agenda is :

6pm : Zoom starts – info share and quick hi to everyone

6:15pm: 2 workshops running in separate rooms

Workshop #1 Donna Grimmer presenting:

Join us for a chat and presentations relevant to Software testing and how it plays an integral part of software development.

Learn the basic concept of testing and how it is implemented right from the start of a project.

You can join the group here or pop in from this join up

*this is a women in software testing group but members of wthub and Codehub are welcome to attend if they are signed up to Workshop Wednesday

Workshop #2 Amy Lobe presenting:

An eccentric, cat-loving introvert. Amy fills her days finding out what people need, want, and know. Officially working in user experience for the web, she shoves her nose into HR, software design for stores, and training as many people as possible.

This session will take you through some common psychological principles that are used a lot in user experience and marketing. You’ll be competing against other attendees, guessing how best to sell jam and learning the power of a laugh.

We will also open up a breakout room for the WebDev101 should any members wish to work on web development together. Currently, we do not have a host so this will be on request and we can leave the room open for the full meeting

7:15pm: Coffee/wine/cocktail/beer break – will stay live for any discussions

7:30pm: 2 workshops

Workshop#3 Sara Price presenting:

Second of a two-part workshop on what Business Analysis involves and ways to get started in this role.

Sara Price
Sara Price

Sara co-organises the South West Business Analysis meetup and has worked as a Business Analyst at a small consultancy and Dyson. Her background was in the arts before the Bristol Women’s Tech Hub lured her into the fun of tech.

Part 2 – (on the 3rd of June) Intro to Business Analysis How do I get Business Analyst skills and experience? Explore what Business Analyst key skills look like and how you can learn these.

Workshop #2 Kathryn Armistead running:

There will also be a Python beginners course at 7:30pm with Kathryn.  It is following an online Python Course (–ud1110), with fortnightly workshops to go over the course material with the opportunity to ask questions, share coursework etc.  The next workshop will review lessons 1 and 2.

8:30pm: Central chat and call out for any projects that people want to support etc. Also time to make suggestions on subjects moving forward .. we are currently putting them together so will show the list and dates moving forward.

9pm: Close


  • Please Join up on our meetup page
  • All genders and ages welcome
  • Please abide by the rules of Women’s Tech Hub
  • We will not take photos or put any images of people attending and will ask attendees also to abide by these rules
  • We may *with agreement* record sessions to build up a resources library for members moving forward .. we are currently looking at the best manner/tooling with which to do this
  • We will be screen sharing and therefore do not expect attendees to share their videos
  • Should any members wish to continue a conversation rather than attending the main workshops lease request in the chat and we can open up a breakout room for you – you can share video in the breakout rooms
  • We would ask members not to speak over one another or the speaker – this is difficult so if possible either raise your hand or ask a question on chat so we can respond or put the question to the speaker at an appropriate time