Women’s Tech Hub ~ Bristol grew out of Bristol Girl Geek Dinners, where Serrie Chapman and Constance Fleuriot met and recognised a need to share what women in tech were discussing within the industry. They wanted to develop space for clear conversations about the lack of diversity in tech while actively developing solutions – the idea of Women’s Tech Hub was born.

After becoming a full time remote worker, I realised working on your own could be rather boring at times. WTH brings a sense of belonging and community. I’m very happy to have met these lovely women that also help me improve my skillset and support me in whatever I want to do.
Gözde Ozcan, Software Engineer

Women’s Tech Hub ~ Bristol wants to create a support system for women in tech, focusing on practical strategies such as peer mentoring, training & confidence boosting, as well as re:Train for women who want to upskill or are completely new to tech. We recognise that the more we support each other, the more we can get out there and inspire others.


The WTH founders are Serrie, Constance and Thanh.

serrie chapman

Serrie Chapman
constance fleuriot

Constance Fleuriot
thanh quan-nicholls

Thanh Quan-Nicholls



Desklodge Bristol were the first WTH supporters, offering free co-working space for up to 20 of our women members every Friday morning. They have welcomed us with open arms, and lots of free biscuits.


One of our regular discussions is how we can improve the diversity of the workspace in areas such as programming, engineering and software design. KETL listened, they ran some free evening workshops to introduce people to their Talend Toolkit, then took on some of the ‘graduates’ of the course. KETL also supported a bursary on our Introduction to Machine Learning & AI.