9 October 2022

Online coding resources

WE had loads of fun with Makers.Tech last week and there was a LOT of interest in their offerings so here is more info for those whe weren’t able to make it.

Makers are excited to support the Women’s Tech Hub members to find a job in tech. We offer a range of different training opportunities via our bootcamps

In the meantime, why not look over some of our recommended online coding resources:

You should also check out: EdaBit, Exercism, RubyMonk, and Treehouse.

An app that’s great for giving an intro to coding and something that you can do on the go is SoloLearn. You can dip in and out of it easily and should give you good exposure and insight into coding!

If you like reading, Chris Pine’s Learn To Program book is worth a read. The first 8 chapters will be useful to you at this stage. Another recommendation would be Learn Ruby The Hard Way by Zed Shaw.

A fantastic podcast to immerse yourself into the industry is LearnToCodeWithMe. It’s aimed at people transitioning into a career in the Software industry.

Two blogs that will help with your problem solving:

Happy Coding! 



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