Bristol Girl Geek Dinners

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We’re working on the next events … (the new Bath team are putting us slightly to shame – see below for their events!)

It will be great to see you all – as ever it’s women only to be a member of this group but men are welcome as an invitee of one of the members as a +1. It will be great to catch up with you all and see what great stuff they have going on.


Sign up on Meetup (please note this is a women-only group – if you would like to attend then please contact us at and we can add you as a guest)

Please also check our code of conduct for rules around social media recruitment and behaviour.

Bath Girl Geek Dinners

A Meet-Up designed by women, for women in tech.

Bath GGD

We gather on the first Thursday of every month to talk about tech and tech-related topics, how they affect us and how we can help and support each other.

Every month we’ll welcome a new guest speaker with a specialism in the sector to join us for dinner.

It’s an opportunity to meet other women in the sector in a relaxed space with some wine and food.

These informal dinners will give you a chance to share your professional journey and experiences with others in the tech sector. They also offer a platform for you to improve public speaking skills, try out a presentation or lightning talk in a group of supportive members.

Our members range from students to established professionals – all with one common goal – to help and support other individuals in the STEM industries by sharing ideas, information and connections.

Girl Geek Dinners welcome all female and non-binary humans interested in and working in tech and design.

Girl Geek Dinners are sponsored by the The Studio and guest speaker.

BGGD | Tech Marketing – a sustainable approach

Tanya Estrella and Abigail Sullivan are coming to dinner!

Thu, Oct 6 · 7:00 PM BST

Join us for a fascinating insight to marketing that advocates for great people doing good things.

Tanya is CEO of her own marketing company, Estrella Ventures, EV, specialising in tech. Abigail works alongside Tanya as EV’s Chief Strategy Officer.

Tanya has spent two decades in global marketing roles taking high-growth technology companies from start-up through scale-up to IPO, M&A and global roll-out.

Abigail has worked with Tanya for over 4 years, and specialises in marketing, growth and content strategy as well as brand consulting and strategic planning.

BGGD | Founders in Tech – support and venture capital

Sally Higham is coming to dinner!

Thu, Nov 3 · 7:00 PM GMT

We are delighted that Sally Higham, managing director of In A Box Services and Chair of Rooftop Housing, is joining us for dinner at The Studio to share her story of being a female founder and to hear your stories and challenges too.

Sally is an experienced CEO, with significant advisory and Non Executive Director relationships across the public, private and third sectors.

BGGD | Public Speaking & Presenting – come and have a go in a TV studio

Sharanjit Leyl is coming to dinner!

Thu, Feb 2 · 7:00 PM GMT

We are delighted to welcome Sharanjit Leyl to share her professional journey in TV and offer some tips on public speaking.

A familiar face on global news channels, Sharanjit has brought you the news from Asia on BBC World News and Bloomberg TV for a quarter of a century.
In addition to her career in TV, Sharanjit is an experienced moderator and host of countless events around the world with the most high profile political and business leaders.