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GGD #90 Women in Tech stories from Tumelo

We’re kindly being hosted by Tumelo and would love to see you all there. We are being treated to three stories from women working there about their jobs and route into the industry.

We’re kindly being hosted by Tumelo and would love to see you all there. We are being treated to three stories from women working there about their jobs and route into the industry.

Aneta Gorka
I currently work as Frontend Engineer at Bristol-based Tumelo, where I work on React functionality and UI for a variety of projects and products, defining the direction of front-end at Tumelo and looking after our design system. Before that, I worked at Hargreaves Lansdown. I’ve been in the industry for 15 years and worked across a range of sectors (Public, Enterprise, Marketing Agencies) and different company sizes. I’m a Web accessibility Advocate and love Mountain biking in my free time.

Helen Shepherd
After working in the charity sector for about 12 years, I went through a career change to become a software engineer (alongside being a mum to a little one through the pandemic era!). I now work at Tumelo as a front-end developer and absolutely love what I do.

Cerys Barlow Myers
I am currently a data engineer at Tumelo, helping to build the pipelines that ingest all the data needed to drive Tumelo’s platforms. My background is in Physics, where I studied mainly in quantum mechanics, before deciding on a move into the tech world.

About Tumelo

Tumelo was established at Cambridge University, where the founders Will Goodwin, Georgia Stewart, and Ben King (pictured below, left to right), campaigned for the sustainable investment of their university’s £6 billion fund.

After their University campaign for transparency and sustainability, they recognised a problem with the current proxy-voting system: lack of democracy. In short, voting power today is imbalanced.

This causes problems for the whole industry – fund managers have little visibility over the voting preferences of their clients, while investors are disengaged from their assets and in the dark about how they affect the global markets.

So they set out to create simpler alternatives to the current processes of investment stewardship and enable investors to have a voice on the issues they care about.

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GGD# 91 Ethical issues of Generative AI:Miranda Mowbray hosted & Scott Logic April the 26th

Scott Logic

Announcing a great speaker for the Bristol GirlGeek Dinners in May.


We’re kindly being hosted by Scott Logic in April and are being graced by the Brilliant Miranda whom some of you may have met before at previous events. She’s what we would call a bit of a superhuman with knowledge spanning years on robotics, swarm clusters, AI, ML and ethics. Did we mention she also plays flute in the fantasy orchestra – see this video to get a flavour of our speaker.

Miranda Mowbray is an honorary lecturer at the University of Bristol, where she helped to set up the PhD programme in Interactive AI. She is a member of the Advisory Council for the Open Rights Group. Miranda was the 2021 Chair of the tech law conference Gikii (pronounced “geeky”). She also likes dinners.

Is ChatGPT woke? Is it sexist? Is it biased because it reflects the prejudices of its creators? Is any gender bias that it has, a reproduction of bias in its input data? Can generative AI be debiased using technical means? Will the use of reinforcement learning with human feedback solve this and other ethical issues with generative AI? Are we doomed?
I’ll discuss some ethical issues of generative AI, including bias, and argue that the answers to all of these questions are either “no”, or “yes, but that’s not the full story”. In particular, I’ll make some suggestions for avoiding doom.

We’ll aim to get the food out early if we can as Miranda is a great presenter and we believe the Q&A and follow-up discussion will be interesting! Scott Logic are absolute stars as hosts so a big thanks and call out to them also!

Please note this is a women-only group – Men are welcome as guests (use the +1 option)
Please also check our code of conduct for rules around social media recruitment and behaviour.

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We gather on the first Thursday of every month to talk about tech and tech-related topics, how they affect us and how we can help and support each other.

Every month we’ll welcome a new guest speaker with a specialism in the sector to join us for dinner.

It’s an opportunity to meet other women in the sector in a relaxed space with some wine and food.

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