Girl Geek Dinners

We have decided to run some Girlgeekdinner events jointly with the Bristol and Bath chapters as there’s no travel involved and we thought it good to catch up. You are welcome to join up from outside the area also as we’re aware that many of the other Girlgeek chapters are pretty quiet at the moment! If you want a zoom link for your group please mail us on and we can share it to save you from joining our meetup group.

Changing the Imposter Syndrome Narrative – October the 20th

6:00PM – 6:15PM – Intros and catch up 

6:15- 6:45 – Talk and presentation 

6:45-7:00 Q&A


Speaker: Laura Burnett

Bio:Laura Burnett is Made Tech’s Delivery Principal and a people-focused product specialist with a wealth of experience in building high-quality products, managing global teams and driving positive organisational changes. Laura has a true passion and drive for delivering the highest level of value to clients by inspiring high performing teams and guiding them to overcome complex challenges all whilst being the best version of themselves.”

Feelings of self-doubt and a lack of confidence are often explained away as imposter syndrome, especially for working women, but is that a useful diagnosis?

If we want to build a truly diverse and inclusive world of work, then we need to question the universally accepted beliefs about imposter syndrome. We need to change the narrative from a problem faced by an individual and instead ask ourselves what it is about organisational culture that leads to 70% of people suffering from imposter syndrome during their careers.

Join Made Tech’s Delivery Principal, Laura Burnett as she explores how we can challenge the common misconceptions surrounding imposter syndrome and learn:

  • Who suffers from Imposter Syndrome?
  • Is Imposter Syndrome even a problem?
  • How should Imposter Syndrome be addressed?”

Weston College **TBD**

This will be the Weston-Super-Mare talk about their incoming boot camps and apprenticeships, a lot of them are funded by the Government and the apprenticeship Levy pot.

As always, we welcome men to our group, but to keep our audience predominantly female, we ask that all men are accompanied by a woman (just add a +1 on when you sign up)

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