Women’s Tech Hub ∼ Bristol exists to encourage local women and gender non-conforming folks in tech and find ways that they can develop their careers in tech.

We aim to facilitate dialogue between local ‘women in tech’ groups and industry, with practical support such as finding sponsorship and venues for the diverse events and avoiding calendar clashes. We want to help local companies create a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture that benefits everyone.

We post a weekly newsletter post every Sunday Highlighting all the events that we spot and believe may be of interest in the region.

Free Three Fridays

Women’s Tech Hub runs Free Free Fridays (F3F) every Friday from 10 –1pm, where we are kindly hosted by Desklodge Old market for free hotdesking.  Our members are welcome to come along for career or networking support, we have ADLIB also in attendance to help with CV’s or guide you in your career search.

Workshop Wednesdays

Workshop Wednesdays

We try to support as many events as possible to help our members and partner groups to encourage and enable people into tech so we set up Workshop Wednesdays (which we seem to have adopted a rather singsong tone when saying it, for some reason not even known by ourselves!).

They take place once every other week in the new Desklodge House in Redcliffe Way on the 3rd floor from 6 – 9pm. We will be taking a break during August and December on both the Workshop Wednesdays and the F3F as we feel we need it!

There are two large areas for coworking/peer-supported learning in a very similar remit to that of Codehub events. There are also a series of rooms in which we can do training shared projects or talks, these can host from 6 to 16 people and we are open to people contacting us if you wish to run something. The idea is that we may have one group learning a CRM such as Salesforce, for example, another running a UX group, then a python group, etc. The overall theme will be about collaborations and its mainly for mixed groups but some may be women only as its a WTHub initiative and we are aware that many women learn better in women-only environments.

We are looking for sponsor companies to support us with pizzas and drinks in return for an opportunity to present and commnicate either as an engagement or a recruitment piece. Women’s Tech Hub runs a no recruiter (other than an internal sponsor recruiter as noted above) and a strict social media policy which you can find in our Code of Conduct, the meetup is open to everyone (yes that includes men) so please join up and sign up if you want to come along.

Meetups in Bristol

If you would like to support or advertise an event that you believe may be of interest then please get in touch with us on